July 18, 2018: “Read & Tell”

Phinney Books, 7:30pm – Each person can talk about a book they have read during the past month and rate it from 0 to 5. Zero – “I really disliked it.” Five – “Best book I have recently read!”
Billie read Heart Buries by Theresa Marie Halport.  Interviewed by Trevor Noah.  A lot of pain and suffering 3.5 rating.
Mimi read Paula Hawkins, In the Water, it was similar to her first book.  It is ok and Mimi read it 2 weeks ago and doesn’t remember anything about it so rated it a 3.25.
Kris The Dry by Jane Harper.  Mystery-thriller set in Australia, not far from Melbourne, in a small farming community enduring its second year of a severe drought.  Protagonist works as a federal police officer in Melbourne; goes home to the farming community for the funeral of one of his childhood/adolescent friends.  He is dead, as are his wife and six-year old son.  Law enforcement conclusion is that the father killed his wife and son, and then killed himself.  Both the dead man and the protagonist are suspected of knowing more than they let on about the death of a young woman when they were teenagers.  Parents of the dead man cannot believe their son would have killed his family.  They ask his visiting police officer friend to look into it.  Book is fast-paced and well-written.  Author wrote it after taking an online writing course (and she also had a career as a journalist)  4.75
Kjersti read Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford. 4.5
Shelagh read There There 4.8 rating by Tommy Orange.   Set in Sacramento at a pow wow.  The ending is f-ing cataclysmic.  Giving attention to other native american authors.
Maribeth read Pachenko. It spans four generations who moved to American from Japan.  There is a tragic event of one of the characters that caught her by surprise.  4.75
Tom talked about Woman in Black by Madeleine St. John.  Text classics in Australia reissued the book.  It is a comedy about women who work in the frock department in the 1960’s.    Great characters and good things happen.   4.75
Kathleen read Exit West by Mohsin Hamid. It is told from the point of view of refugees.  There were many doors and the book took a magic realism perspective.  Liked the writing, gave it a 5.
Catherine read Go Went Gone and 5 Days at Memorial and really liked it 4.75.
Age of Dignity AI Jen Poo, a non fiction book about aging and caring in America.
Jon is continuing to read Chernow’s Hamilton and gives it a 4.5
Kitty read Go Went Gone
Deb read a mystery by Ruth Ware titled, The Woman in Cabin 10.
Rates it a 4 as it was entertaining and kept her interest.
Tim read the Razors Edge by W. Somerset Maugham.  Tells a story of WW1 pilot.  It is dated in the way woman are viewed and no one has to work but has money.  Signed up to see the movie and rated the book a 5
Pam read Warlight, by Michael Ondaatje and rated it a 5.Set in 1945 Britain, just after the end of the war, two kids, 14 and 16, are seemingly abandoned by their parents and placed in boarding schools. The story is narrated by Nathaniel, 14.  He and his sister, Rachel, both run away from their  boarding schools to live again at home full time with the appointed”guardian” and his friend, whom  the kids believe to be “criminals.”  The kids each lead their own secretive lives of adventure, which are abruptly brought to a halt.  The story flips several years ahead as Nathaniel  attempts to learn the story of his mother both during the war and after, a search that itself seems obscured by “warlight.”  I loved the writing, the narration and how Ondaatje wove researched details of the war in Britain into the story.  Fascinating and intriguing, woven through with desire.

Marla read, How the Post Office Created America by Winifred Gallagher.  Marla loves the post office.  As people moved west and wanted to communicate their correspondence to the ease, it helped establish transportation.

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